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Drawing is fun, and is not at all difficult. It really is practice and practice. The drawing below of the little girl -  I did at the age of 14 and vividly remember the passion of drawing it - even to the extent I had to continue while I was out on my parents boat fishing and sitting in the bow of the boat with the rocking to and fro and concentrating with the 8B cluctch pencil (that I sharpened to a fine point)  to finish this drawing. That is the passion.

If you have children and they are always drawing? That is the sign that they are gifted with the creative talent and I would encourage anyway you can.

Drawing x "Study of Child"

Learning how to Draw

not only promotes using your right side of the brain which is good for your health and well being -   But also plays an essential role for painting Only a quick sketch and planning but it is like having a good foundation for building a house.When designing a car fussing with the exterior may be fun but it has to have a structure or it wont go anywhere.Likewise we have to have a framework for building a painting - this is the design. Before we start painting we need to look at the composition of the painting.

Pencil x "The Old Rabbiter's Hut"

To capture the image that is either in front of you or from a photo, you will want to first capture the basic shape. Draw very lightly and start with your plan of where everything is on your page.

The first decision starts with a basic rectangle and we need to decide if the rectangle is vertical or horizontal. which offers the most exciting potential for the subject matter and what makes it the most interesting.



In 'Rabbiter's Hut" - the hut  is the main rectangle.  Your composition must have a focal point or center of interest as this is where the viewer's eye goes first. The painting should convey what is the most important area and what is the secondary interest.

In a portrait the face is the starting point. You can encourage the viewer on the path of design. You also need to balance your design with positive shapes and the negative shapes so their is a balance and variety to keep them from being boring.

Drawing of a Girl

The contrast of light and dark is what this makes this drawing effective