Whether you are a  beginner or a more advanced artist, Carolyne is

available to teach art lessons.  ((If you are loal to Brisbane ,

Australia )And learn the wonders of Art from 

learning the basics to begin with. So you can start from the

beginning. Understanding the importance of light in 1. Drawing - 

working through excellent exercises >building skills that will be 

applied in all of your Art.

2. learning Watercolour - a delightful medium.

And much more....


Carolyne has taught many students from the very beginning to an 

outstanding level.




Please send any enquiry through on the form below.


If your child is always drawing...? that is the sign. 


 Drawing is fun, and is not at all difficult.

It really is practice and practice.  That is the passion. 


As Carolyne paints in all mediums you can contunue on with

any medium of your choice.


Again, please send through enquiries in the form in the Home

page or Price/Contact page or Gallery page.

thank you

I look forward to being in contact with you