Pastel or Watercolour, Pastel

or Acrylics.


Carolyne can capture the memory and keepsake of your favourite

furry friend with an exquisite hand painted Portrait.



 Pastel - Pencil and Chalk "The Puppy..."


 Testamonial " When this Portrait " Australian Cattle

Dogs" was given to its owner for

his Birthday present...the reaction was

'Uncle Keith was in tears and said ..."Look at my




Pastel Pencil of 'Zeek '  Australian Cattle dog 


 Pastel and Pastel Pencil of 'Zena" : American Amstaf"


Pastel Pencil 'Zena'


Pastel and Pastel Pencil "Cute little Dog"


Acrylic "The Jockey's Dog"


 Photo of "The Jockey's Dog"

 Watercolor "Doctor's Dogs"