Carolyne DArcy's Art



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Acrylic : 'The Boss'

Watercolour : 'Russian Girl'
 "Her Brother"
 'Uni Student'
 My "One Day..." series/ Watercolor
Watercolour "Sunday Morning" 
Example of a different pose you can have for your
 'Le Rive Cafe' Watercolor
Watercolour "Walk'n;The Rain" Paris.
Landscape I made up - however a lot of people have
told me they have been there....
Watercolour " Spiritual Light"  
 Watercolor / Boat scenes
Watercolour Boat Scenes...
Egyptian fun
 'Egyptian Face'  Acrylics
 Acrylic "Marking Time'
 'Kara' Watercolor
Acrylic "The Race"
Watercolour " Playtime"
 Watercolor 'The Hunt'
Watercolour "Her Domain"
Flowers in Watercolour   "Pretty Pansies"
 'Summer' Watercolor
Watercolor "Flight"
Acrylics "Happy Elephants"