Time does not stand still - but don't worry!

These precious moments you want to

treasure forever can

be captured.






Watercolor "Hoping"





Pencil drawing 'Concentration"

I did this when I was 14 years old..*



 Watercolour : 'The Little girl and the little Gentleman'


 Watercolour Portraiture : 'Dreaming big...'


 Pastel Pencil 


 Pastel Pencil : 'Young Girl"


 Watercolor Portraiture ' Lost In Dreaming Big'


 Watercolou Portraiture 'One Day...."


Acrylic Portraiture : 'Sherryn"


First stage of 'Russian Girl'


Watercolor of 'Russsian Girl"


Watercolour Portraiture : 'The Twins"

 Pastel pencil "Grandpa"


Watercolour "Goodbye Kiss"